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How do I protect my cell phone battery

A new mobile phone needs to be fully charged.  If the newly bought mobile phone battery is lithium ion, then the first 3 to 5 times of charging is generally called the adjustment period, should be charged for more than 14 hours, in order to ensure the full activation of lithium ion activity.  Lithium ion battery has no memory effect, but it has strong inertia, so it should be fully activated to ensure the best performance in future use.  

Enough time is needed.  Before charging, lithium battery does not need special discharge, improper discharge will damage the battery, playing to the phone automatically remind to charge again when the best.  Charging as far as possible to slow charging, reduce fast charging mode;  Don't take more than 24 hours.  The battery has to go through three to five cycles of full charge and discharge before its chemicals are fully "activated" for optimum use.  

Choose regular manufacturers of mobile phones and batteries.  One thing that needs special attention is that please use the charger of the original factory or a good reputation brand. For lithium batteries, please use the charger for lithium batteries and follow the instructions, otherwise the battery will be damaged and even dangerous.  

Don't play with your phone while charging it.  There are many users often leave the phone on when charging. In fact, this will easily hurt the life of the mobile phone, because in the process of charging, the circuit board of the mobile phone will be heated. If there is a foreign phone at this time, it may produce instantaneous backflow current, causing damage to the internal parts of the mobile phone. 

Don't charge when there is still electricity left.  The life of the battery is determined by the number of times of repeated charging and discharging, so try to avoid charging when the battery is overcharged, otherwise it will shorten the life of the battery.  When the cell phone is off for more than 7 days, the cell phone battery should be completely discharged first and then fully charged before use. 

Do not expose batteries to heat or cold.  Like the dog days, should not put the phone in the car, exposed to the scorching sun;  Or take the air-conditioned room, placed in the place of direct air conditioning.  It is normal for the battery to get a little hot when recharging, but you should not allow it to "suffer" from high temperatures.  To avoid this, it's best to charge at room temperature and not cover your phone with anything.  

How to protect your cell phone battery  

Choose a dedicated charger.  Lithium-ion batteries must use a special charger, otherwise it may not reach saturation state, affecting its performance.  After charging, avoid placing it on the charger for more than 12 hours. Separate the battery from the phone when not used for a long time. 

After the last use of the battery can not be thrown away.  Batteries with recyclable signs should be recycled, and non-recyclable batteries should not be thrown away, otherwise the chemical substances contained in the batteries are easy to cause environmental pollution.