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The seven functions of the battery protection board


The seven functions of the battery protection board are as follows:  


Over charge protection: overcharge detection voltage, overcharge detection delay time, overcharge release voltage  


Over discharge protection: over discharge detection voltage, over discharge detection delay time, over discharge release voltage  


Over-current protection, overcurrent protection charging current, charging over-current detection delay time, charging flow to remove overcurrent protection delay time, discharge current, discharge flow detection delay time, discharge flow to remove delay time 4 short circuit protection: condition, external circuit short circuit protection, detection delay time, cancel the delay time protection  


Temperature protection: temperature protection conditions, protection conditions  


Internal resistance: on resistance of the main circuit  


Power consumption: current consumption when the circuit is dormant, current consumption when the circuit is working  


Replace panels need to first purchase formal third party battery protection board, after buying the store will have tools, after the phone is removed for wiring and dismantling, dismantling the need to pay attention to because the iphone main structure is simpler, basically all platoon line, all apart when bullish on line, broken some function can't use.  


After disassembly is completed, install the battery protection board. Do not rush to complete the assembly after installation, first conduct a test. After the test machine is normal, you can button the phone screen, shut down and charge, and activate the battery protection board