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How do I protect the battery protection board

Existing laptop, mobile phone, or lithium battery pack power system will be equipped with battery protection board, overcharge protection is one of the basic functions.  When full, disconnect the charging circuit;  Battery charging and equipment electricity is parallel in the DC bus, the charger voltage is equal to or slightly higher than the full battery voltage, full lithium battery protection board will disconnect the charging MOS to close the charging loop, electrical appliances are directly using the mains, will not use the battery.  Lithium battery has no memory effect, a complete charge and discharge is recorded as a cycle.  The common life marking method is cycle life. If the MacBookAir uses three-yuan lithium battery, it has a short life in lithium battery, about 1000 times, which is less than 3 years when it is used almost every day.  If it is lithium cobalt acid is 500 times, more than a year.  And has been plugged in the mains, the test of lithium battery life is the storage life.  In addition to the common cycle life of lithium battery, there are storage life, especially at high temperature or full charge storage will affect the storage life, and high temperature charging, more affect the storage life.  Under the condition of no load, lithium battery storage month decay at room temperature 3%-10%, recovery rate 98-95%.  The mechanism is more complex, so I will not repeat it in this answer.  In other words, instead of only having a 3-5 year life, high temperature storage will speed up the process.  So now there are some battery protection boards with a strategy, charging at 80 or 90 percent of the charging stop.  The single capacity is affected, but the service life is prolonged.  This is also the common practice of our new energy vehicle enterprises.  But in general, 3C digital batteries, especially mobile phone batteries, cycle life and storage life, generally is the cycle life first.  Notebook slightly better, can plug in or suggest plug in, otherwise it should be the cycle life to first.  And the plug can play the role of UPS, labor is an indispensable protection.  Finally, Apple also said that a deep discharge should be done once a month, but not to maintain the battery, as mentioned earlier, lithium battery has no memory effect, it is not necessary to regularly deep discharge.  However, the calibration of battery capacity by the power system needs to be done periodically.  Above, I wish to solve the doubts.