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We need to pay attention to the following items in the process of using the machine:


We need to pay attention to the following items in the process of using the machine:  

1 when the machine is in use, the battery should be fully discharged as far as possible.  

2. Charge the battery regularly (for two months).  

3 If the battery has a problem, you are advised to use HP battery testing software or contact the service center to check the battery.  

Q: How do I charge my laptop when I just bought it?  

A: The first time you charge the battery, you should charge it continuously for 6 to 7 hours, and cycle fully charging and discharging 3 times to fully wake up the new battery.  

Q: Should I put the battery in the machine or pull it out when I use external power supply frequently?  

A: If you use the external power supply for A long time, you'd better remove the battery.  When using external power supply, do not take off the battery may increase the number of charge and discharge of the battery (it is generally believed that the number of charge and discharge of lithium battery is 400-600 times), affecting the battery life, but also make the heat dissipation burden of the notebook computer becomes heavier, shortening the life of the notebook computer.  

Q: How do I save the battery when it is not used for a long time?  

A: If the battery is not used for A long time, the battery should be retained about 50% of the power, removed and placed in A dry and cool place for preservation, to prevent exposure to the sun, to prevent moisture, to prevent the erosion of chemical liquid, to avoid the battery contact and metal contact short circuit and other situations.  Long periods of non-use will make lithium ion inactivated, recommend users to do battery calibration.  

Q: Should the battery be charged off or on?  

A: Both ways are ok. Generally, the power off charging is about 30% faster than the power on charging, but try not to pull out the adapter when the power on charging.  This will increase the number of times the battery is recharged.