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Phone Battery Protection Board


Threatening the single cell protection, protect board design is relatively simple, high technical, such as the need to pay attention to the voltage of power battery protection board design platform, power battery in use is often requires a great platform for voltage, so as far as possible when design protection board make protection board does not affect batteries discharge voltage, so to control IC,  The requirements of components such as precision resistance will be very high, generally domestic IC can meet the requirements of most products, especially imported products can be used, the current sampling resistance needs to use JEPSUN jiebi resistor, to meet the requirements of high precision, low temperature coefficient, no inductance and so on.  For the design of multi-cell protection board, there are higher technical requirements, according to different needs, the design of different complexity of the product.  

Main technical functions:  

1, overcharge protection 2, overdischarge protection 3, overcurrent, short circuit protection  

Solutions after mobile phone battery protection (from network) :  

1, with the original direct charging on the phone, the battery protection board will automatically open the protection circuit.  

2. Short-circuit the positive and negative poles of the battery and see sparks on the electrode. Try several times and then use direct charging.  

3, find a 5V direct current, with positive and negative light touch the positive and negative terminals of the battery, try several times, and then use the original charger to charge.