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The battery protection board functions


Lithium battery protection plate is a series of lithium battery charge and discharge protection;  Function: effectively improve the charging effect under the series charging mode, and detect the state of overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and overtemperature of each single battery in the battery pack, protect and extend the service life of the battery.  


Lithium battery protection plate, as the name implies is to protect the lithium battery, the role of lithium battery protection plate is to protect the battery but put, but charge, but flow, and is the output short-circuit protection.  


Finished lithium battery consists of two major parts, lithium battery cell and protection plate, lithium battery cell is mainly composed of positive plate, diaphragm, negative plate, electrolyte;  Positive plate, diaphragm, negative plate winding or stacking, packaging, filling electrolyte, packaging is made into the cell.